Masina de stantat – BPM-T

  • BPM-T: Improved ergonomics – Dynamic and highly precise.

    Baykal Punch Press Machine with turret has the ability to process large sheet metal sizes at high axis speeds and beat frequency. In its structure, developed and top level mechanic and electronic automation equipments are used. With all these features and hardware it protects the machine’s compact structure.


  • D type frame, strength-tested and analysed in finite element analysis. (FEA)
  • Normalised welded frame and components.
  • Hydraulic punching head with indexable multi tool system that gives 360° rotation possibility in increments of 0.001°.
  • Communication between CNC and axis motors is maintained through fiber optic sercos bus line resulting 16Mb data transfer rate and 1 ms cycle time.
  • High speed and precision with direct-drive index axis.
  • Possibility to use forming tools.


Standard Equipment

  • 20 tool stations in total.
  • 4 indexable D station with possibility to use multitools.
  • 2 fixed D station.
  • 2 fixed C station.
  • 12 fixed B station.
  • Moving table with ball transfers and brush.
  • 3 pieces of pneumatically operated sheet clamps.
  • Work chute with mobile storage box.
  • Waste box.
  • Offline programming sofware including automatic nesting.
  • Portable operator panel.
  • High capacity CNC unit with 12” TFT LCD screen.
  • Cooler for hydraulics.
  • Warning lamps.
  • Light barriers.

Optional Equipment

  • Up to 10 D station indexable tool holders.
  • 3 or 8 station multitools.
  • Single tools.
  • Forming tools.
  • Coated tools.
  • Reductions for C, B, A stations.
  • Vacuuming.
  • Scrap conveyor.
  • Work chute conveyor.
  • Additional key for programming software.

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