Masina prelucrare verticala-BF70-150

  • BF 70-150: Dynamic and highly precise.

    Baykal vertical machining center provides optimum solution for all your needs with economic investment and low business cost. Besides its extraordinary robustness, thanks to its weld rigidity, which is designed monolithic and formed by using innovative concepts, it guarantees you to reach to correct results over your expectations.

    BF70 series, which does not desensitized for years, will be the profit center of your company.


The Belt driven spindles are sealed and interchangeable . Reliability, rigidity and immunity to contamination are their best qualities. Through spindle coolant is available for all spindles with options of liquid, air/oil mist or air as necessitated according to the type of operating being performend and material being or air as necessitated according to the type of operating being performed and material being machined.


  • Single axis rotary tables. (Vertical/Horizantal)
  • Rotary table with torque motor drive.
  • Tool presetting device.
  • Tilting rotary tables.
  • Tilting rotary table with torque motor drivers.

Tool Changer

  • The Chain-type tool changer is available with 20, 32, 40 and 54 tools. Especially recommended for high productivity due to the quick tool change time 2,3 sec. arm rotation is managed by a cam.
  • Tool management can be random or fixed positon.
  • Also available in the ISO 50 version with 25 position.

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