Ghilotina RGS

  • RGS: Your economical solution.

    Thanks to its ergonomic design and long-life rigid structure, it provides dynamic and extremity sensitive prolificacy. It contributes to your budget with its low business investment.


  • All steel-plate, welded construction provided with static and dynamic frame rigidity.
  • Rigid cutting beam working inside roller bearings and bronze guides.
  • Precise blade adjustment from top beam.
  • Mechanical sheet clamping system.
  • Easily-adjusted blade-gap system working on slides.
  • Worm gear system providing noise-free operation.
  • Low-maintenance clutch system.
  • Front gauging and supports for cutting wide sheets.


Standard Equipment

  • Shear blades from tough and wear-resistant alloyed material machined with four cutting edges (bottom blade) and two cutting edges. (top blade)
  • Foot pedal suitable for both single and repetitive cutting.
  • 1000 mm squaring arm with scale.
  • Front support arms and front gauge.
  • 600 mm manuel backgauge system working in ballscrews with ± 0.5 mm precision.
  • Protective front and rear cover plates.

Optional Equipment

  • Power backgauge with digital readout control. (± 0.1 mm precision)
  • Safety system conforming to European Community CE Norms.
  • Pneumatic rear sheet support system.
  • Squaring arm and front support arms other than standard length.
  • Angle gauge.
  • Work table with filler plates and ball transfer.

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