Waterjet cutting systems – BWJ

  • BWJ: Sensitive and functional for soft material cutting.

    Designed special for all standard applications, economic, productive and sensitive water jet cutting system BWJ 3020. On the contrary to traditional classic cutting methods, water jet cutting system is more productive. Together with all soft materials you can also process glass and marble sensitively with BWJ 3020 water jet cutting system. BWJ 3020 redounds high productivity and high process to your production.


  • Gantry type construction.
  • Dual synchronised drive system.
  • Accurate positioning with backlash free AC harmonic drive motors.
  • Positioning accuracy ±0.1 mm
  • Repeatibility ±0.08 mm
  • Positioning speed 10 m/min
  • Machine guidance and framework are thermally and mechanically separated from each other.
  • Entirely protected axis guiding system.
  • Z axis up to 150 mm motorised stroke.
  • Height control with integrated collision protection.
  • 3 point sheet orientation.
  • Availability to both abrasive and pure waterjet cutting.
  • Abrasive cutting head with an automatic sand feeding system including automatic abrasive dosage.
  • 200 lt of sand storage reservoir.
  • Rising of the water level for underwater cutting.
  • Sedimentation tank for the subsequent cleaning of the jet water.
  • Splash water protected control unit with an integrated 15¨ flat screen and a foil sealed short stroke keyboard. (IP67)
  • Joystick for free positioning of the cutting head.
  • Automatic nesting software.

Optional Equipment

  • Z axis up to 200 mm motorised stroke.
  • Bigger sand storage reservoirs.
  • Mud cleaning system.
  • Additional cutting head.
  • Automatic pressure adjustment.
  • Linear motion system.

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