Plasma cutting machines – BPS

  • BPS: The best solution for pipe cutting.

    Do you want to minimize your business expenses? Then we are offering you Baykal plasma cutting machine. Baykal BPS is the model that provides top level sensitivity amongst all series. It is designed for high sensitivity plasma cutting and it can be equipped with two plasmas, inclined cutting (bevel), marking, drill and screw-cutting heads. BPS plasma cutting machine provides profit to your company as of the first minute it is started to operate.


  • High precision plasma cutting technology.
  • High mechanical accuracy to: ± O.1 mm
  • Axis positioning speed: 30 m/min
  • X and Yaxis travel on precision linear rail guides.
  • Torch-height travel with ballscrews on dual linear guides.
  • Fast and accurate positioning with AC brushless servo motors.
  • Y-axis: dual synchronised servo drives.
  • X-axis: single servo drive.
  • Cutting table independently constructed of bridge and machine frame to maintain positional accuracy under any table-load.
  • Patented crash protection on torch®.
  • Automatic torch height control.
  • Sectional cutting table with automatic fume extraction system.
  • Windows® based CNC unit.
  • Automatic nesting software.
  • Remote control option on large tables..
  • Optional dust and fume collector devices conforming to safety regulations.
  • Additional plasma or oxygen torch optionly kontrol opsiyonu.

True Hole Technology

  • Hypertherm’s patent-pending True Hole cutting technology for mild steel produces significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible using plasma.
  • This is delivered automatically without operator intervention, to produce unmatched hole quality that surpasses the competition.
  • True Hole Technology requires a HyPerformance Plasma HPRXD® auto gas system along with a True Hole enabled cutting table, nesting software, CNC, and torch height control.

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